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Why YOU are HERE...

Authorize Love

I bring the holy, you bring the shit.



Let’s be real.

LIFE is challenging. (Read: HARD AF)


You take care of everything for your family or clients,

but who is taking care of you?


My guess: No one.


(Ok, maybe your husband rubs your feet, but I’m talking about your spirit. Yeah, this just got deep.)


I know you’re a badass. You know how important mindset is. You drink your lemon water. You have a high vibe tribe.


But you also have shit.

Spolier alert: We all do.


Maybe it’s family stuff, marriage drama, or childhood mems. What IT is, doesn’t matter as much as you realize that it’s holding you back.  


Perhaps you want more money, to work less, or need to stop being a control freak and start delegating. While all that may not seem related to your spiritual being, it is. Deeply.


I’m Danielle Randall and I’m gonna warn you right now that I’m not your mama’s minister. For decades, I’ve been helping people sort through their shit to find peace in situations they deemed “completely fucked” and in turn, help them make more and stress less. How? By guiding/teaching/helping them to AUTHORIZE LOVE.


WTF Does that mean? The truth is, it’s hard to explain. It’s more of a show than a tell.

So, clickity click the right {here} to grab your FREE call with me.


Together, we’ll sort through your shit and figure out what your best NEXT step is. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life (trust me, you couldn’t offend me if you tried.)


Your broken relationship can be mended. Your dreams can be realized. Your shit can shine. (Or something like that.)


{Let’s talk.}

with Danielle Randall

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