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Surrender Into Love

"Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them.

In this sense everything that comes

from love is a miracle." ACIM

What do you really know about LOVE? 

What if I told you, YOU ARE LOVE, therefore all miracles occur as an expression of YOU! 


It's TRUE there is no place you can be that LOVE can be without you. 


LOVE is ever present. 

LOVE does not change. 

 LOVE can not be withheld. 

LOVE is not separate from you. 


LOVE is not something you do. 


Love is who and what you are!

Once we establish these truths for ourselves we can begin to live from a place

of authorizing LOVE in all situations, under all conditions and at all times.  

This is the power of AUTHORIZE LOVE! 

Do you believe that Love can show up for you in every situation,

under all conditions and at all times?


Have you isolated and restricted Love to the areas of your life where

you have been taught Love is appropriate? 

Do you find yourself thinking Love is HARD? 

Are you working for LOVE, trading off parts of who you are and what you want

so you can stay in the conditional love you have been taught you can get and

expect from others, the world, God and life itself?



Love was never intended to be controlled.

It's FREE and FLOWING in unlimited supply!

This program is going to teach you HOW to let go

of all your preconceived ideas and beliefs about Love and

allow LOVE to move through you in realtime.

You will begin to experience MIRACLES occurring naturally and come to expect

them for yourself in all situations, under all conditions and at all times.

You will learn HOW to surrender to LOVE in the present moment so you stop storing your mental and emotional stress, overwhelm, anxiety,

worry, pain, hurt, frustration and disappointment for another day

only to have it resurface and disrupt the LOVE, JOY and

ABUNDANCE available to you in every moment. 

Ask yourself right now...


Am I willing to learn something new about LOVE? 

If you said YES this program is for you. 








SURRENDER INTO LOVE is a small group program bringing together

the next generation of souls who are ready to #AuthorizeLove

for themselves and in their lives. 


We will spend 8 weeks together in a private FB group,

learning strategies, tools, and skills to experience

more LOVE right where you are.

The programs includes 1 recorded video lesson with practice assignments for you to work with in realtime.



Letting Love In

Your Seat of Awareness

The Role Forgiveness Plays

Creating Possibility with LOVE


Identifying the Core Scripts

The roles of Willingness and Fear

ACIM: Applying the Lessons

Removing the Obstacles to Love

Deliberate Creating & Commitment

Engaging FB dialogue around all of the lessons and experiences. 


Expansive group assignments 

throughout the program.

Here's what participants are saying about this program.










Unlimited access and support inside the private FB group so we can magnify the learning and the LOVE! 

If there is any area of your life you wish could be better LOVE will come through for you...

You're ONLY job is to say YES and let LOVE have it's way with you. 

JOIN US for the SURRENDER INTO LOVE we start on Dec 1! 

Ready for MORE LOVE...

with Danielle Randall

Get free trainings and Love Notes sent to you each week.

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