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How do you find self-love and connection in a relationship that threatens them? My life was full of drama. I came to expect it. Every relationship I was surrounded by was proving to me love sucks! I did not need love, and I did not want it. This book is my journey to discovering the importance of loving myself and the miracles that occurred after I met God in a nightclub. 

Hear more about the book in a radio interview with Marcia Littlejohn on "Talk of the Town."

Interview with Danielle Randall - Talk of the Town

"Healing is more than talking about your problems and issues. It's a journey to finding yourself. It's a process of uncovering all the places you are withholding love and joy from your soul and what you are willing to do to recover them."

   -from "I Met God In A Nightclub: The Unconventional Truth"

Why YOU are HERE...

Because you're ready to change.


Let’s be real.

 Life is challenging.

Authorize Love supports people clear their minds and open their hearts to the Infinite Source of Love within. 




Love is seeking an outlet through each of us in all situations,

under all conditions and at all times.  


So how do we allow Love to express and expand

through us in our daily lives if we:

Are struggling through emotionally difficult experiences? 

Are in the midst of challenging situations?

 Feel tired and stressed?


Have reached a plateau and wonder if this is as good as it gets? 

Are we here for more then what we currently experience? 

The answer to HOW is AUTHORIZE LOVE!




We begin to deepen our relationship with LOVE right were we are and learn to experience the presence of Love in new ways. 

We allow our desire to experience more Love to guide

us into higher levels of consciousness where the

Truth of who we are is revealed and we begin to

create our experiences from that place. 

Learning to live from Love rather than seek it -

is the life changing shift you've been looking for!



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Danielle’s approach, power and mastery as a Life Coach to help facilitate us towards our goals are exceptional and unparalleled. 

Amy Van Mui Siegel / Founder & Director of Well Within Pilates and Yoga

She has an ability to see through to parts of you that you are keeping unconsciously hidden …that are blocking you.

Audrey Lollis / Certified Master Coach and Senior Mortgage Banker

I was making real change and taking necessary risks to move forward instead of standing still. I trust her implicitly and her ability to guide

you to the path you were meant to be on is a true gift.

Kendall Taney, DVM / Diplomate, American Veterinary Dental College

About Danielle

Danielle Randall is an author, speaker and Ordained Minister of Spiritual Consciousness. Through her spiritual life coaching & healing program, Authorize Love, she facilitates deep and lasting transformation with her clients. For the past two decades, Danielle’s teachings and coaching have supported hundreds of clients to create powerful and unexpected miracles in their lives. Living in the joy of answered prayer, Danielle loves being a wife and mother. You can find her leaving a legacy of love while sitting at the edge of the ocean in Vero Beach, FL.

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