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September 12, 2018

8 pm - 10 pm EST

"Exacerbate their pain."




I should remind the people they are hurting?

Because they have somehow missed the pain they feel every freaking day by being with it.


"Show them their problems."


Because most people don't know they have a problem?




Ok, well here's the thing, I think people absolutely know they have a f'ing problem.

It's on their mind all the time.

They keep twisting and turning it around in their mind so they can figure

out what to do with it, if they want to do something about it.


So then the problem I need to talk about is

"what are you afraid will happen if you address the damn problem?'


And that's where I come in.


I don't know what will happen and neither does anyone else so don't believe

the hype around the "instant solution" but what I do know is together


You were born for way more than twisting and turning problems.


You are an incredible creator.

You are a divine inspiration.

You are worthy of every good thing.

You can have peace.

You are not your problem.

You are not alone. EVER!


I'm Rev. Danielle Randall creator of Girls Night In For The Soul!


I have 17 years of experience as a Life Coach & Minister personally trained and ordained

by Iyanla Vanzant, Healer, former CrossFit Affiliate owner, wife, mother, step-mom,

daughter, former divorcee, former corp ladder climber and confirmed entrepreneur.


What I like to say is "I'm not your Mama's Minister" because well I'm not.


What I am is here to #AuthorizeLove in all situations, under all conditions and at all times!


And you can too!

Grab your favorite drink, your journal 

and a pen and settle in. 

Invite your Girlfriends to have the best night in that you will be talking about for months to come.


Come play with us at this powerful transformational online party called GIRLS NIGHT IN!



Maybe you've read my book, "I Met God In A Nightclub" and now it's your

turn to step behind the velvet ropes.


Give yourself the gift of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and SUPPORT for

2 of the most healing and transformative hours you can get.

Girls Night In for The Soul is a virtual event that will be held in a private Zoom video room. 


Links and details will be outlined in the FB group. 



Get instant access to my private Facebook group where you get

live Q&A time over the next 2 weeks before the event.

Process over Problems: Journal Prompts and Pre-work

FREE COPY of my book, "I Met God In A Nightclub: The Unconventional" here:


Hangout with incredible people because if you know me I only hangout with incredible people.


And let's face that "problem" aka "fear" together.


If you've been watching me and waiting to have an experience of my

coaching and processing this is it.


My 1:1 book is full.

My MasterMind is a 100K buy in.


So this is IT!


$177 until midnight  Sept 8th.

After that the price is going up.


GIRLS NIGHT IN FOR THE SOUL is the way I get to serve a larger tribe and do

some amazing work in the world.


So ask yourself "ARE YOU READY FOR IT?"


YES you say...






You don't want to miss this. Pinky swear.


Smooches! 😘

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