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Welcome to Authorize Love! 

At Authorize Love, we are elevating the consciousness of humankind 

by changing the way you create reality.

We all have corresponding thoughts, feelings and actions that create our reality.

Beyond manifestation which is simply the effect of the multi-sensory experience we

create from is an opportunity to live in correspondence with

“The Law of Love!”

Up-leveling our consciousness can feel daunting and prove to be difficult if

we don’t update the fundamental understanding that life is relating to us

rather than living from the place where we are reacting to life.

On the surface it would appear that many of life’s challenges render you powerless

and you have to act according to what you’ve being dealt.


Nothing could be further from the truth.

When you become a deliberate creator you move the arrow from being pointed at you to pointing the arrow at what you desire and are willing to create.

Life was meant to be created!


Danielle Randall, MSC

Authorizer of LOVE! 

Rev. Danielle Randall is a Minister of Spiritual Consciousness, Life Coach, Mentor and Author. 


Her company Authorize Love offers individual coaching and group programs that teach people how to give power to Unconditional Love in all situations, under all conditions and at all times.

Danielle’s book “I Met God In A Nightclub: The Unconventional Truth” is her memoir in which she recounts the major life events and her experiences with finding her way back to Truth, Love and God. 

with Danielle Randall

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